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So, you’re being laid off, hm? April 24, 2008

Posted by Derek in finance, knowledge, what "you do here".
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No, I’m not being laid off. Yet. But I could be, and that possibility grows ever more likely each day that passes. And it’s caused me to start to think about some of those Bigger Picture items in life.

One blog I read fairly regularly is The Simple Dollar. The author, Trent, has written a 31-part series on fixing your finances. I don’t necessarily need my finances to be “fixed”, but I think the idea of this series is a great and important one: a little work each day over a short period of time (one month) can set you up for long-term growth, not only in personal finance, but in life: your work, your personal life, your dreams and goals, pretty much all the Big Picture items alluded to earlier.

So, tonight, I will begin this exploration with my five main values. This should be an interesting and enlightening experience, and perhaps I’ll share some of it as I progress through the steps.