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Choosing a School/Partner April 17, 2008

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Choosing a college or graduate school can be difficult, especially when presented with multiple options.

A: So did you get any acceptances?

B: Yeah, two different women have agreed to date me. Cindy and Alyssa. But I have to choose one.

A: Hey, that’s great that you go two offers. Have you made a choice yet?

B: Well, I had coffee with Alyssa, and we really hit it off — she’s beautiful, and charming, and laughed at my jokes. I definitely think we would get along well over the next few years. I met Cindy, too; she’s a knockout, and clearly very talented, but there wasn’t as much of a spark there.

A: That can happen. So are you going to choose Alyssa?

B: I’m tempted, but the thing is — Cindy’s US News ranking is much higher.

A: Her what?

B: Every year, US News puts out rankings of boyfriends and girlfriends. Now, Alyssa is a solid top-20 girlfriend, but Cindy is top five! I’m really worried I’d be making a mistake by passing up the opportunity to go out with Cindy. Everyone has heard of her.

Check out the complete dialogue at Cosmic Variance.

Seven Jokes That Came True April 6, 2008

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College Humor has an article on seven absurd satires that then became true later on, almost exactly as portrayed in the now-parody. I find it very interesting because it raises the question about how we perceive humor and if satire is perhaps the best lens with which to judge society.

The Onion is particularly good at predicting the future and I’m sure you could find numerous articles more significant than the Gillette one. I’d pick Bush: ‘Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over’, dated January 17, 2001.

And for the record, I liked The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Despite eviscerating the novel (or so I’m told), it might be the most dramatic and dark film Disney proper has ever released.