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The ‘forbidden’ SNL skit October 14, 2008

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An SNL skit lambasting House Democrats over the housing flop originally aired on October 4th. It was was pulled offline shortly thereafter. Arch-conservative bloggers were livid and ruminating all manners of conspiracy. Eventually an excised version reappeared on Hulu that removed references to threatening Herb Sandler, who had condemned the skit and probably had legal recourse.

Anyway, all that foofaraw aside, an uncensored version is available online and I highly recommend it:

There are lots of reasons to watch it. It’s one of the best SNL skits in years. It spoofs the House of Representatives, which is certainly rare in itself. It’s inaccurate at times, but focuses like a laser beam on House Democrat idiocy and minglings in relation to the housing crisis. It has possibly the world’s first Barney Frank impression (worth the cost of admission alone). It introduces George Soros to pop culture. And it’s amazingly cerebral for SNL.