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Deconversion February 15, 2010

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This is a fascinating and very well-produced YouTube series on one computer scientist’s “deconversion” from Evangelical Christianity to Atheism: Why I am no longer a Christian

Chapter Two starts the good stuff. Here’s the latest summary in the continuing series for an idea of what it’s like:

But it’s best to watch it from the beginning of Chapter Two for the full effect. Watch Chapter One if you first want evidence that he was a true Born-Again Christian.

Brits: Religion is ‘the new social evil’ April 23, 2008

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According to a recent Times articule, a poll of 3500 showed the “dominant opinion” of Britons is that religion is now among the ‘worst blights on modern society’. No exact numbers are given. Does this indicate a trend of Europeans moving from their traditional apathetic secularism to outright intolerance? Or is it merely a backlash to the confluence of Muslims to the region?

From my American perspective, I think that female and black presidential candidates are well overdue (Ferraro was going for the veep spot in 1984). Now getting an atheist (or gay) person the nomination would really be an impressive lurch forward for American tolerance. I know America isn’t anywhere close to widely accepting those ‘minorities’, but it’s not like having Clinton or Obama as the president indicates we’re furiously enlightened.