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Beatbox/DJ December 6, 2009

Posted by Lumpmoose in music, technology, video.
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This is a pretty amazing performance. It’s almost hard to believe the audio matches the video.


No one and everyone March 16, 2009

Posted by Lumpmoose in society, technology, television.
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This is pretty internet savvy for cable TV:

What have you done for your country? November 5, 2008

Posted by Brent in computers, entertainment, games, politics, quotations, technology, what "you do here".
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I came across this here:

Originally posted by M4EOzzy:
I look forward to many years from now, when people ask me,

“Where were you when Barack Obama was elected president?” and I can answer,

“I was in our nation’s capitol, fighting against slavery…….and supermutants……and molerats…..in the year 2252.”

I, too, was on the National Mall saving the world from supermutans, molerats, radscorpions, etc.

Request for Nom-Nom August 13, 2008

Posted by Derek in technology, what "you do here".
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We’re still using shell scripts in a Fortune 200 company. Pure hackery. (This wordpress theme is not wide enough, but you get the idea…)

#  Shell script to make a backup of the previously compressed file if it exists,
#  execute the YUI-Compressor on the specified source file, and clean up the
#  backup directory so that it doesn't grow too large

trap huphandler  HUP
trap ''          QUIT
trap exithandler TERM INT

   print 'Received SIGHUP'

   print 'Received SIGTERM or SIGINT'
   exit 1

if [ $# -ne 3 ]; then
  echo 1>&2 "Usage: yuicompressor <source file-name> <source file-type> <output file-name>"
  echo "e.g. home.src.js js home.cmp.js"
  exit 1

if [ $1 == $3 ]; then
        echo "Error: Source filename and output filename cannot be the same."
        exit 1

#echo "Enter the source filename to compress and the type of file; e.g. newNWA.src.css css:"
if [[ -z $2 ]]; then
        echo "Please enter a file type, usually it's \"js\" or \"css\":"
        read file_type
#echo "Enter the output filename: e.g. newNWA.cmp.css"

if [[ -z $3 ]] ; then
        echo "output_file is null, I cannot compress"
# make a backup copy first
if [ -f $3 ]; then
        echo "Output file already exists, making a backup..."
        NOW=$(date +"%Y%m%d.%H-%M-%S")
        cp $3 /weblogs/backup/yuicompressor/$FILENAME
                chmod 775 /weblogs/backup/yuicompressor/$FILENAME
        echo "Output file backed up, now compressing $source_file..."
        echo "No existing output file found to backup. Starting compression of $source_file..."

#perform the compression
/usr/java14/bin/java -jar /opt/www/scripts/yuicompressor-2.3.6/build/yuicompressor-2.3.6.jar --type $2 $PWD/$1 -o $PW

#cleanup backup directory
echo "Checking to see if backup directory cleanup is needed..."
cd /weblogs/backup/yuicompressor/
files_in_dir=`ls $3.$USER.* | wc -l`
files_to_delete=`expr $files_in_dir - 3`
        if [ $files_to_delete -gt 0 ]; then
          echo "Cleaning up backup directory..."
          ls -t | tail -n $files_to_delete | xargs rm
          if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
            echo .An error ocurred deleting the files.
            exit 1
            echo "$files_to_delete file(s) deleted."
          echo "No cleaning of backup directory needed."

Request For Comment: NomNom May 15, 2008

Posted by Brent in technology, what "you do here".
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using System;

namespace Silly
/// <summary>
/// Wrapper to facilitate the nom-nom-nom anti-pattern
/// </summary>
/// <typeparam name=”T”></typeparam>
public static class NomNom<T>
public static void Nom<WTF>(Func<WTF> action)
try { action(); }
catch { } // this is the om nom nom nom pattern

public static void Nom<WTF>(Action<WTF> action, WTF input)
try { action(input); }
catch { }

private static void TestSilly()
NomNom<int>.Nom<int>(OMGBOOMZ(), -1);

private static Action<int> OMGBOOMZ()
return x => { –x; List<int> xx = new List<int>(); xx[x]++; };

Twin Cities gets first DOCSIS 3.0 deployment April 3, 2008

Posted by Lumpmoose in technology.
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Minneapolis-St. Paul is the first area of the country to get DOCSIS 3.0 internet access, courtesy of Comcast. You get 50Mbps down / 5Mbps up speeds for $150 a month. That’s not quite consumer-level pricing and is still slower than Japan, but it’s a start.  Considering Comcast’s recent degradation of HDTV signal quality however, I’m not convinced they’re willing to upgrade infrastructure as needed.