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’Tis a light man that drinks a light beer August 8, 2009

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As a news/politics junkie and a fan of the Bard, this is right up my alley:
A tale told by an idiot

(via Sullivan)


RNC Clown College! May 5, 2009

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Hopelessly partisan, but I still enjoy good clown make-up:RNC Clown College.

Minnesota is blessed with three, the most of any state:

First Dance January 21, 2009

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A loose definition of ‘dancing’ but the very definition of ‘glamor’:

This Land is Your Land January 19, 2009

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I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to totally grasp the significance of this:

Via DailyKos and Fark.

Edit: YouTube link fixed

What have you done for your country? November 5, 2008

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I came across this here:

Originally posted by M4EOzzy:
I look forward to many years from now, when people ask me,

“Where were you when Barack Obama was elected president?” and I can answer,

“I was in our nation’s capitol, fighting against slavery…….and supermutants……and molerats…..in the year 2252.”

I, too, was on the National Mall saving the world from supermutans, molerats, radscorpions, etc.

Backpeddling in Minnesota October 11, 2008

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I’ve been refraining from posting political stuff because I’m sure people prefer to consume it on their own terms.  But this was just too fascinating of a moment and it happened in Minnesota to boot.

At a campaign stop in Lakeville earlier this evening, John McCain finally tried to undue the vitriol that has been bubbling to the surface of his support over the past week.  TPM has a good interpretation of the events. Basically, Nate Silver’s analysis that Obama is “scraping the bottom of the barrel” of undecideds has become palpable this week. First, Palin said Obama has been “palling around” with terrorists, then McCain switched 100% of his ads to the message of ‘Fear Obama’. Since Obama has been steadily sucking up all the undecideds since the economic downturn, all that’s left to populate the McCain rallies are the right-wing die-hards, i.e the 20-30% of Americans that would never budge on Bush’s approval ratings. Roused by the fear rhetoric, McCain’s supporters have been taking over the rallies over the past couple days by asking paranoid questions and yelling things like “Terrorist!” and “Kill him!”

That’s all backstory to today. In this perfect storm of political weirdness, what has emerged is the most fascinating and heartrending political moment in recent history. This is really the culmination of a decades-old culture war and neo-Rovism by Steve Schmidt, along with about a thousand other bizarre by-products of Americana:

Taken earlier this evening from a Lakeville, MN rally, this is a stunning change in tone for McCain. There have been many turning-points throughout this election season, but I think this signifies a tangible start to his campaign’s collapse. Which is kind of sad because it’s the first glimpse of the real McCain–the way we used to remember him–in a long time. Certainly not since he sold his soul to a devil of sorts:

McCain / Falwell at Liberty University, May 2006

Hollywood finally satirizes liberals… several years too late August 18, 2008

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Trailer for the new right-wing-friendly Hollywood comedy An American Carol, premiering on Fox News of course:

Normally I’d appreciate their spunk, but they really couldn’t have picked a worse year to make their point.

John Kerry made a funny August 5, 2008

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Sullivan’s quote for the day:

I don’t know if you know this. John McCain is looking for someone for vice president who has more economic expertise than he does. So congratulations to all of you, you’re on the short list. –John Kerry

Is John Kerry going to pull an Al Gore and actually become amiable post-campaign?

Right Now April 13, 2008

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I was bored this afternoon and threw together a short montage (everyone loves a montage) based on a spur of the moment idea prompted by a song that came up on iTunes (can you guess which song?). Enjoy. Or don’t. 🙂