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They Should Have Sent a Poet June 6, 2010

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Best YouTube comment ever:

521scotty125: this is how jesus should re-enter the world

Do It for the Herd February 11, 2010

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You know how you sometimes get a sticker for voting? This is what I got for getting an H1N1 vaccine a couple weeks ago:

This has to be a prank from some snarky graphic design student. It perfectly fits into the conspiracy milieu:

  • Encouraging herd mentality (literally!)
  • Scary needles on the side
  • Hypnotic pattern in the background
  • U of MN livestock branding
  • Vaguely propagandist art style (part-Soviet, part-wartime US?)

See what I mean:

The sticker perfectly fits into the paranoia. It’d only be more perfect it had a sheep’s head saying BAA instead of MOO.

Shall I Compare Thee to a Somers’ Day? November 11, 2009

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Headline stolen from Slog. Kristen Wiig reads poetry by Suzanne Somers. Literally laugh-out-loud funny.

Choosing a School/Partner April 17, 2008

Posted by Jacob in humor.
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Choosing a college or graduate school can be difficult, especially when presented with multiple options.

A: So did you get any acceptances?

B: Yeah, two different women have agreed to date me. Cindy and Alyssa. But I have to choose one.

A: Hey, that’s great that you go two offers. Have you made a choice yet?

B: Well, I had coffee with Alyssa, and we really hit it off — she’s beautiful, and charming, and laughed at my jokes. I definitely think we would get along well over the next few years. I met Cindy, too; she’s a knockout, and clearly very talented, but there wasn’t as much of a spark there.

A: That can happen. So are you going to choose Alyssa?

B: I’m tempted, but the thing is — Cindy’s US News ranking is much higher.

A: Her what?

B: Every year, US News puts out rankings of boyfriends and girlfriends. Now, Alyssa is a solid top-20 girlfriend, but Cindy is top five! I’m really worried I’d be making a mistake by passing up the opportunity to go out with Cindy. Everyone has heard of her.

Check out the complete dialogue at Cosmic Variance.