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First Dance ][ March 14, 2009

Posted by Lumpmoose in computers, entertainment, television.
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A loose definition of ‘glamor’ but the very definition of ‘dancing’:

What have you done for your country? November 5, 2008

Posted by Brent in computers, entertainment, games, politics, quotations, technology, what "you do here".
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I came across this here:

Originally posted by M4EOzzy:
I look forward to many years from now, when people ask me,

“Where were you when Barack Obama was elected president?” and I can answer,

“I was in our nation’s capitol, fighting against slavery…….and supermutants……and molerats…..in the year 2252.”

I, too, was on the National Mall saving the world from supermutans, molerats, radscorpions, etc.

Ask Everyone: Where’s your Constructor? April 11, 2008

Posted by Brent in computers.
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Where do you prefer to put your object’s constructor in relation to the file’s line numbers?

Near the top?  Before or after the member object declarations?


I prefer to keep them near the top, preferably after the private member declarations.  It’s not a hard or fast rule for me, but I dislike it when the constructor(s) is/off mingling with other methods in the middle of the class.