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Deconversion February 15, 2010

Posted by Lumpmoose in philosophy, religion.
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This is a fascinating and very well-produced YouTube series on one computer scientist’s “deconversion” from Evangelical Christianity to Atheism: Why I am no longer a Christian

Chapter Two starts the good stuff. Here’s the latest summary in the continuing series for an idea of what it’s like:

But it’s best to watch it from the beginning of Chapter Two for the full effect. Watch Chapter One if you first want evidence that he was a true Born-Again Christian.

Do It for the Herd February 11, 2010

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You know how you sometimes get a sticker for voting? This is what I got for getting an H1N1 vaccine a couple weeks ago:

This has to be a prank from some snarky graphic design student. It perfectly fits into the conspiracy milieu:

  • Encouraging herd mentality (literally!)
  • Scary needles on the side
  • Hypnotic pattern in the background
  • U of MN livestock branding
  • Vaguely propagandist art style (part-Soviet, part-wartime US?)

See what I mean:

The sticker perfectly fits into the paranoia. It’d only be more perfect it had a sheep’s head saying BAA instead of MOO.

Jedward February 6, 2010

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I’m not quite sure what to think of this:

Perhaps they’re the best argument for Auto-Tune yet. Be sure to watch at 1:45.