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That Jean-Luc Picard June 25, 2009

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I have to admit I’m on a remix bender right now. Thankfully there is some truly brilliant stuff out there. YouTube user gazorra has discovered the abundance of editable Star Trek: TNG material. First, my favorites come in a pair:

And the two most popular:


Superman comic strip to appear weekly in USA Today June 15, 2009

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According to Newsarama, USA Today will be printing a Superman comic every Wednesday in strip form for 12 weeks.

I think this is insanely cool, not only for geeks, but in a super-old-timey nostalgia way. We’re talking 1930’s nostalgia here.

Remixing the remix June 6, 2009

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User Fagottron on YouTube is creating what might be the next evolution of the remix: using source material from a single film for both audio and video editing. I’m sure it’s been done before, but rarely to this creative extent.

First my personal favorite remix, Mary Poppins:

Alice in Wonderland is the most popular:

Harry Potter is quite interesting:

And there’s even one for Jacob: